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Quality Exhibit and Display Truss

Quality Display and Exhibit Truss

The Trade show business is growing and appearance is the name of the game. The one thing that all outstanding exhibit displays have in common is quality display and exhibit truss.

What is Quality Exhibit and Display Truss?

Quality Exhibit and Display Truss

Exhibit and Display Truss

When it comes to aluminum truss work the first thing to examine is the welds on the truss webbing. The welds should be smooth without spatter marks and the edges should not have a defined line, but should blend into the surrounding aluminum. This shows that the welds are not only cosmetically appealing but have proper penetration for strength.

The second thing to look for is that couplings are properly manufactured allowing them to slide together with ease. Each mating aluminum truss component should have a chamfer that is a minimum of 50% of the aluminum pipe wall thickness.

If you are planning on stepping away from the norm and designing a custom truss exhibit that uses radiuses or full circles, the truss should not have scuff marks on the outer walls of the truss. A poorly setup forming machine will leave scratches and dulled scuff marks on the outer and inner walls of the formed aluminum truss. By nature, the forming process will leave some contact scuffs on the aluminum walls but these are easily buffed out during the finishing process.

Finally when you receive your exhibit truss design, all of the components should be coded to the accompanied blueprint to allow for easy assembly.

The internet is full of cheap aluminum truss options; however beware of extremely cheap options, these products look great when they are purchased but the cheap grade of aluminum is inferior and will not last. Because of its lack of robust qualities, and the softness of the aluminum itself, your exhibit will become dingy very quickly and the truss will lose its luster in a very short period of time, not to mention that the structural integrity that you expect will not be comparable.

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Circular Exhibit Truss, Curved Exhibit Truss by VersaTruss Plus MTDS-M-Modular T-Truss D-Display S-System
Circular Exhibit Truss, Curved Exhibit Truss by VersaTruss Plus
MTDS-M-Modular T-Truss D-Display S-System

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About R Joy: R Joy has been in the Exhibit and Display Truss business for over three decades. He has been instrumental in some of the most intricate and expansive aluminum truss display structures and booths. His focus has been on creating a quality truss product that is not only economical but provides superior cosmetic appearance and longevity. Over his extensive career, he has created not only one of the most widely used aluminum truss exhibit modular systems but has taken pride in providing exhibit and display truss to the smallest organizations to some of the largest corporations worldwide.