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Display Truss Exhibitor Truss Displays

Quality Aluminum Exhibitor Display Truss for All

Display Truss – In the ever changing world of technology, standard and custom aluminum modular displays manufactured out of prefabricated truss are still the most popular and versatile product on the market today when it comes to trade shows.

Display Truss Exhibitor Truss DisplaysNo matter what the venue, everything from the hottest consumer electronic components to the latest and greatest sports cars and marine products are still exhibited under the envelope of custom exhibitor truss.

Truss displays offer exhibitors the flexibility to create exciting attractive displays that immediately catch the public’s eye and leave a memorable impression that is key to company branding and product introduction.

When it comes to truss trade show booths, the creative possibilities are endless. Using the latest fabrication processes, aluminum truss can be contoured into an infinite number of configurations. Everything from your standard square display truss kit to complex exhibit structures can be fabricated. Tight radiuses to full circular assemblies can easily be incorporated into any truss display design.

Display Truss – The Vision

Imagine having the flexibility to envision a complex truss structure that has numerous intricate curves and complex angles creating a breathtaking structure to mount custom graphics, lighting, audio and visual equipment with ease and have your vision come to life.. Further, the aluminum exhibitor display truss product inherently fosters planned or immediate change on the fly.

Exhibitor Displays for Everyone

Aluminum exhibitor display structures offer the ability to meet any size of budget. Smaller emerging companies tend to start with a 10 x 10 exhibit display kit or a 10 x 20 display kit, yet this is just the beginning of the journey. These aluminum structures can be modified, expanded and customized simply by adding individual components. Take for example the famous Master Craft Ski Boat

The Fashion World and Exhibitor Truss

Fashion shows would be lost without the ever famous lighting truss on their walkways or catwalks. In the fashion world, first impressions are critical, and aluminum display truss is the foundation for the stage, backdrops for curtains and graphics. But most important is the use of exhibitor truss to line the walkways overhead allowing for precision light placement, fog machines and canopies.

Finishing the Race First with Aluminum Display Truss

In the world of healthy competition, no sporting race event would be complete with a finish line. Race events big and small have recognized the advantages of using exhibitor display truss for their finish lines. NASCAR would never run a race without a truss exhibitor finish line with the famous checkered banner and leading sponsor graphics. Marathons from the small local 5 k to the famous New York marathon are using truss display archways to create definitive, versatile finish lines simply because they are modular in design and can be used year after year with the ability to simply change sponsor graphics as required.

The aluminum truss display is here to stay, and is still growing in popularity as exhibitors demand more complex and intriguing structures.

No matter what stage you are at in your business, there is a truss display product out there to meet your needs and budget, from the emerging or start-up company who is looking for an expandable yet economic truss trade show display booth to the Microsoft’s of the world who demand infinitely complex creative display truss structures.


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About R Joy: R Joy has been in the Exhibit and Display Truss business for over three decades. He has been instrumental in some of the most intricate and expansive aluminum truss display structures and booths. His focus has been on creating a quality truss product that is not only economical but provides superior cosmetic appearance and longevity. Over his extensive career, he has created not only one of the most widely used aluminum truss exhibit modular systems but has taken pride in providing exhibit and display truss to the smallest organizations to some of the largest corporations worldwide.