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How to Be a Trade Show Winner

How to Be a Trade Show Winner

Winning at the trade show game is highly dependent upon the work done in advance of the upcoming show. A large portion of your marketing budget can be spend on trade show booths and exhibit material so you want to get it right the first time.

Do your homework upfront when choosing your trade show exhibit schedule. Once you gain some insight into each show, you will be able to make an educated decision on which shows are best for you. Get the scoop on how long the show has been running, how many people have attended in past years, the number of companies that exhibit at the show and finally try to talk to some people that have exhibited at the show previously.

Get a copy of the floor plan as soon as it is available, You want to be sure to get the best location on the floor as your budget will allow. The best locations are long the straight aways in the centre of the trade shows or at corners if you have a triangular trade show booth.

All trade shows have a marketing plan and part of that plan should include your company if you are signed up early. Don’t miss out on this opportunity, you have paid for it so get your name out there and use the trade show marketing plan to your advantage.

Create a trade show booth strategy. Plan for success and don’t try and squeeze every product into your exhibit. Get the hot ones out front to draw in the crowds.

A well designed trade show exhibit will tell potential clients the following at a glance.

  • Who you are
  • What you do
  • What you can do for them


Use technology to attract people. Using videos, live presentations, demonstrations and audio are all excellent ways to grab the public’s attention. In addition don’t forget to use proper lighting to highlight areas within your exhibit.

If your potential clients are willing, take down their personal information and make a commitment to get back to them in a predefined time frame. Most important make sure you do follow up within that time frame. This is a perfect way to gain credibility and keep the message fresh.

The national stats from trade show surveys show that upwards of 76% of leads are not followed up and leave a very bad impression of your company.

Following these simple rules will help make you a Trade Show Winner

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Why Don’t they Stop at my Trade Show Booth
Measure Your Success with Proper Trade Show Metrics

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