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Trade Show Displays –“Design from Back To Front

Trade Show Displays – “Design from Back To Front”

When designing trade show booths, your best practice is to decide what is the desired end result and work backwards from, there.

Let’s face it we all have a job to do, and we all want to impress our bosses and the management team with huge graphics. We want to create an exhibit that is going to blow the public away and have lineups waiting to see our wears.

But if we design an exhibit that takes the completely impresses our bosses and it does not engage the public, we have failed.

To take some pressure off of yourself and position yourself to succeed on the work front and at the trade show, ask your team the following questions.

  1. What kind of experience do you want our patrons to have when they enter our exhibit?
  2. Who should be the first person to greet potential clients?
  3. What is the overall message that you want the public to take away from our graphics”?
  4. What is the optimum time frame for a patron to say in our exhibit?
  5. How do we want to engage the public and do we want them to do anything before they leave.
  6. From a distance, what do we want people to see?

As you work your way through the answers to these questions, you will start to see the picture. A trend will appear and you will be on your way to creating the perfect trade show booth exhibit. Don’t dismiss this valuable information and go off on your own. Having multiple inputs and opinions and using this advice will help you through the process.

One last thing that you should be considered is size. Have you taken into account that if you are using a 20 x 20 trade show booth that it might not fit all floor space layouts and that you may have to change it to a 10 x 20 trade show booth or a 10 x 10 trade show booth. Using modular truss is always is a good idea because it allows you this freedom and will work in numerous footprint layouts.

I hope this article was helpful and gave you some food for thought when it comes to trade show booths and exhibit designs.

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About R Joy: R Joy has been in the Exhibit and Display Truss business for over three decades. He has been instrumental in some of the most intricate and expansive aluminum truss display structures and booths. His focus has been on creating a quality truss product that is not only economical but provides superior cosmetic appearance and longevity. Over his extensive career, he has created not only one of the most widely used aluminum truss exhibit modular systems but has taken pride in providing exhibit and display truss to the smallest organizations to some of the largest corporations worldwide.