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top 10 trade show booth tips

Trade Show Exhibit Design – Top 10 Tips

Design it right and they will come. Design it wrong and it will be a flop. Read the following top ten tips for designing trade show booths.

  1. Display your company name and logo clearly and list the reasons why they should deal with you.
  2. Stay loyal to your company and branding. You will gain more memorability if your website, emails, pamphlets are all in line and have the same general message and color scheme.
  3. Use bright bold colors to create visual attraction. Large graphics and displaying a message that patrons can relate to will go a long way to attract the public’s eye.
  4. Create a clear marketing strategy for your trade show booth. For example are you going to use scheduled seminars throughout the show or use one on one sales tactics. Decide which model fits your business best and which one will bring in the most leads.
  5. Choose a display that will be affordable for you to maintain. Keep in mind there will be transportation, storage maintenance costs which must be balanced with your marketing strategy.
  6. Make sure your graphics send a simple message and use large fonts. Large simple words work better than bullets.
  7. Use a modular style trade show booth so you and plan out your exhibit schedule over the next 18 months. This way you will have all of the proper exhibit equipment and you will be prepared to make the proper adjustments for each trade show.
  8. Plan ahead and make sure you leave ample time for new exhibits and graphics to be designed and manufactured. You don’t want to rush your graphics company and get poor quality graphic.
  9. Focus on your most popular products, don’t try to show everything and dilute your presentation.
  10. Using technology in your booth is great but plan it in from the beginning so it does not look like an afterthought.

Getting it right the first time using these simple steps will enhance your trade show experience and have a positive effect on your bottom line ROI.

If you can think of any other important steps, please feel free to add them to our comment field so we can add them to this post.

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Expo Booths with Success for New Companies
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