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Create Compelling Trade Show Exhibits

Create Compelling Trade Show Exhibits

So many organizations big and small make the mistake of thinking that a flash high technology exhibit booth will sell products. This may be true in some markets however for the most part this is an old wives tale.

The rule of thumb is keep it simple so your products and services stand out

Turn down the music and turn off the disco lights and get your staff to do their job. You need s simple bright attractive exhibit that is appealing to the eye and clearly conveys your company name and services immediately. Once you have this in place, it is up to your floor staff to bring in the potential clients.

Trade Show Booths Should Be Clean and Uncluttered

Keep everything in order. Don’t let obstacles stand in the way of potential clients. People get frustrated enough at trade shows fighting the crowds; you don’t want to further frustrate them by creating trade show booths that is an obstacle course. Keep all your display material as close to the walls as possible leaving room in the middle for open conversations. Angle displays and racks so they are visible and accessible yet out of the main line of traffic.

Organization is Critical

Plan ahead before each show; keep extra pamphlets and brochures in case you run out. During your career as an exhibitor you will quickly learn that at some shows you will hand out thousands of brochures and at other you won’t be able to give them away. Keep the extras out of site but be ready for anything and everything.

Creating a Trade Show Exhibit that leaves a high impact is a combination of simplicity, clear communication and strong sales staff.

Top 5 Trade Show Exhibit Mistakes What Is the First Question You Should Ask Yourself before Creating a Trade Show Booth?
Top 5 Trade Show Exhibit Mistakes
What Is the First Question You Should Ask Yourself before Creating a Trade Show Booth?

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