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display truss

Display Truss

Display Truss no matter what the shape, size or location is your best option to create your dream custom display structure to your exact specifications for all applications.

display truss at trade shows

Display Truss used at Boat Show

Trade shows are made up of an integrated maze of displays of all kinds, designs and formats. The most popular of all displays are the structures made from truss. The reason for this is the adaptability of truss structures to accommodate any and all formats of advertising and promotions. Exhibits made from truss are easily modified on the fly allowing the presenter the freedom to change their presentation at any given point. Adding, removing or re focusing lighting, monitors or layout is easily accomplishes as well as remodeling the floor plan. In addition exhibits made from display truss are typically modular in design allowing modification in footprint size simply by adding or removing individual components.

Modular or custom truss displays are made from a lightweight structural aluminum. It is ideal for use in trade show booths, exhibits, displays, kiosks, and many lighting design and stage applications.

Aluminum kiosks and displays are not only versatile, they are economical to purchase and will last year’s giving the user the ability purchase their main structure once and growing it and modifying it as the business and economy landscape changes.

The advantages of using display truss for exhibits are tremendous over any other kind of exhibit system which explains the overwhelming popularity of display truss exhibits, booths and kiosks. Not only is truss popular for exhibits but it plays a key role in lighting at concerts and public events. Keep in mind the physical structure of lighting truss is the same as exhibitor truss which allows for freedom of expression when designing a booth manufactured out an aluminium truss system.


For the most part assembly of exhibit display truss is simple, fast and typically requires the use of one tool. Simple display structures will tear down into individual components. Large complex structures may be built into modules allowing for ease of assembly upon customer request.

Assembly and disassembly is easily accomplished. A typical 10 x 10 display can be erected in less than 15 minutes by a single person. Each component slides together like a giant Lego set and will withstand years of use without showing wear.

Display Truss Design Options:


kiosk display truss


Configuration and design options using display truss offers endless opportunities using a wide selection of diversified sizes of truss components for example angle sections, radius sections, straight sections, corners and tees.  With this kind of flexibility, limitless profiles can be configured from simple arches, kiosks and booths to perimeters octagons, hexagons and rings not to mention complex display structures, truss towers and custom island configurations.

With common connections throughout a modular truss system, configuration opportunities are endless with a multitude of options for the end user. All components can be joined together, curved to angled, angled to straight, junctions to baseplates. This flexibility in functionality allows exhibitors to maximize their investment in aluminum truss.

Using Display Truss as your Base Structure:

Truss by nature offers a very modern look however, because of its infinite versatility, it can be the forefront of your exhibit or it can be blended into the background offering the best of both worlds. Many western or antique display styles use aluminum display systems as the main frame but use traditional display methods to create an entirely old age appearance. This is the beauty of using display truss as your base; the options are only limited by your imagination.

No matter what your need, display truss is the perfect solution for exhibitor booths, lighting truss, stage truss, or trade show booths.

From simple truss kiosks, displays and booths to massive corporate show-stopping large truss booths, the overwhelming and most versatile product is the aluminium display truss.

Graphics and Truss:

Aluminum truss offers the perfect forum for mounting all types, sizes and weights of graphics. With its inherent strength, aluminum truss systems offer the perfect solution for mounting large high impact graphics or banners. The mounting for graphics ranges from velcro, magnets, specialty clips or simple ties. With the addition of modern cool running LED lighting your exhibit will come to life.

Display Truss Uses:

The standard display truss configuration has a wide range of uses. When it comes to trade shows, aluminum truss systems can be used as the entire structure or can be used as an accent to a simple floor exhibit

Display Truss Enterances and Exits

Display Truss Enterances and Exits

holding lights, monitors and banners in place. Within the retail industry, truss can be used to display banners, display products or create individual environments for example in furniture stores, lighting stores or household appliances.


Display Truss Start and FInish Lines

Display Truss Start and FInish Lines

Entrances and exits as well as start lines and finish lines made from display truss have become an economical solution for funneling large crowds through gates and entrance ways. Most marathons and races of any sort for that matter use aluminium truss systems because of their flexibility, professional appearance, ease of mounting large scale advertising banners and can either be portable or permanent depending on the application requirements.

lighting display truss

Lighting Truss

Within the entertainment industry, display truss is the standard used for light placement and heavy equipment required on move sets.

Night clubs and dance clubs use display truss extensively to mount their lighting systems. The aluminum truss offers a strong but light solution to mount heavy lighting and special affects securely yet allows for easy aiming and reconfiguration.

lighting truss

Lighting Truss

Sports bars use display truss to mount multiple large flat panel monitors for sporting event viewing. These aluminum structures once mounted allow for easy mounting, moving and aiming of extremely heavy monitors.

Disc jockey companies are now widely using display truss as it offers a number of advantages. It allows for the mounting of backdrops, huge flat panel monitors to display bands, a multitude of colored lights, strobes and designer lights and the mounting of speakers to raise them off the ground and aim directly at the dance floor. In addition a full truss display booth will not only offer all of the advantages mentioned above, but they also offer a psychological line for guests which tends to keep patrons off of the stage and away from expensive equipment.

Customization of Display Truss

custom display truss

Custom Display Truss Globe

Not only are standard display or trade show kits available, but aluminum truss systems can be manufactured to any desired size, shape, angle, curve or color. Intricate angles and curves are easily created and finished in permanent powder coating giving a truly beautiful finish.

Some of the Advantages of using Aluminum Display Truss are:

  • Aluminum truss is lightweight and easy to handle
  • Light weight means cheaper transportation costs
  • Strength and durability allowing for heavy LCD, Plasma and lighting fixtures to be mounted anywhere
  • Easily reconfigured to meet different specifications and size requirements.
  • Modern appearance with the flexibility to change appearances from show to show
  • Comes in many configurations and styles
    • Customs truss displays
    • Truss Display kits
  • Supports all graphic types


Give your Exhibit a new look with Display Truss

If you are purchasing a trade show booth for the first time or are looking to upgrade your present exhibit, display truss is the perfect solution.

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What Are the Advantages to using Modular Truss Trade Show Booths Trade Show Booths That Last a lifetime
What Are the Advantages to using Modular Truss Trade Show Booths
Trade Show Booths That Last a lifetime

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