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Trade Show Booths

The difference between  good trade show booths and a great trade show booths is based on two factors, the foundation or structure and the pre trade show boothsplanning. 

  • Trade Show Booth Planning
  • The planning Phase
Planning or pre planning consists of first deciding what kind of basic foundation or structure you are going to use. For the most part truss trade show booths are the most popular and versatile. Trade show booths that are planned around truss have the capability and freedom of mounting monitors, lighting, graphics and house a complete floor plan with products in a pleasing environment that will draw in potential clients.

The planning steps are as follows:

  • Decide on your foundation or structure
  • Sketch out a floor plan and wall plan
  • Focus on graphic placement, monitor placement and lighting
  • Decide on what you want to focus on in your trade show booth, this could be graphics, products or a person.

Trade Show Booths – Size

For most companies when they start out, the standard 10 x 10 trade show booth kit is the most popular. Trade show booths made from modular truss are not only the most economical but are easily expanded and reconfigured as your business grows or needs change. There are literally thousands of trade show booths that started out as a 10 x 10 modular truss design that are now well over 1000 square feet simply by evolution of the company and the addition of individual modular components. We recommend that companies start out with a quality 10 x 10 trade show booth kit made form modular aluminum components.  

Trade Show Booth – Monitors

Mounting any size of flat panel monitor is easily accomplished using universal monitor mounts. These universal mounts will allow you to attach flat panel monitors from 12 inches to 60 inches and larger anywhere within the confines of your trade show booth. All you need is a truss upright or cross member. The main thing to remember when adjusting your monitors is to make sure they are visible not only to potential clients within your trade show booth, but also to the public as they pass your booth. Flat panel monitors with visual information relating to your brand or products is an excellent way to attract people that may not have normally shown an interest in your line.  

Trade Show Booths – Graphics

Once you have created a sketch and decided on your basic color scheme, it is time to visit your chosen sign or graphic company to start the process of creating your signage. Don’t be afraid of large graphics, a trade show booth made from aluminum truss can handle extreme amounts of weight giving you the freedom to mount large graphics as needed. Make sure your color scheme is consistent not only with your brand, but to the general theme of your trade show booth. A trade show booth that is out of sync with its color scheme will send potential customers away, not draw them in. You want graphics that are either pleasing and relaxing, or exciting and vibrant but at all costs make sure they are aligned with your theme. An experienced sign or graphics designer will help you keep your color schemes coordinated When mounting your graphics, make sure the key message is at eye level, people will naturally review a compel graphic, if the desired message is clear and easily visible. Don’t waste your money and graphics that may end up being partially covered by products or other accessories.  

Trade Show Booths – Lighting

Illumination of trade show booths has come a long way in the last 10 years. Previously, trade show booths were illuminated by using extremely hot spot lights that would literally bake the patrons and potential clients to the point they would cut their visit short. Today the advances in trade show booth illumination have reached a point that you can now have numerous cool running LED lights mounted in any combination without heating things up, but be careful LED lighting is extremely bright. However with that said, LED lighting brings many advantages to the table. First, LED lights now come in self-contained packages specially designed for trade show booths. They have their own power supply, power cord and mounting hardware ready to use of the box. Secondly the new 18 watt led trade show booth lights throw a pure white light that will bring your products and graphics alive in true life color.  

Trade Show Booths – Floor Plans

Trade show booth floor plans are very important. The rule of thumb is to have a minimum of 36 inches between any chairs or table allowing the public to wonder freely thought your exhibit without causing bottlenecks or safety hazards, the space can be larger but should never be smaller than the established 36 inch minimum. Of course you can structure your exhibit to naturally guide crowds through the exhibit for example large boat and car displays tend to set up a pathway that is defined to keep the public moving forward so they typically will have and entrance, exit and a main central area for conversation.  

Trade Show Booths – Assembly

If you are using one of the trade show booths that is of the modular design made out of aluminum truss, your basic foundation or base is easily assembled. A 10 x 10 trade show booth manufactured out of modular aluminum truss is easily assembled by one person in 15 minutes or less, depending on your experience. The parts will slide together with ease and increasing the size of a modular truss trade show booth is easily done by adding individual components to the structure. Fabric trade show booths are also easily assembled by one person however, the moulded fabric booths do not carry the same ruggedness and will show their signs of wear in a very short period of time if proper care is not taken during the assembly and disassembly process plus unlike a trade show booth developed from modular truss, it is very expensive to maintain and update the exhibit itself.  

Trade Show Booths – Final Notes

Always keep in mind the reason why you are at a trade show is to either brand your company name or promote your products. Do not ever disregard a child or someone you feel is not really interested. That child if ignored will remember those actions and will tell that story many times as they become a teen and a young adult. This type of publicity is not contusive to a growing business. Treat every person that comes into your exhibit with respect no matter what their age or intentions. Get out in the front of your exhibit and meet people, be happy, be helpful, and smile. Helping a person with a child or picking something up that has been dropped is a great way to start a conversation. Don’t miss out on opportunities that could grow into a long lasting relationship. Don’t get into people’s faces, be pleasant, and happy at all times. Do not intrude into a person’s personal space unless you have established the proper relationship to do so.

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Common Trade Show Booth Mistakes Truss Trade Show Booth Kits by VersaTruss Plus
Common Trade Show Booth Mistakes
Truss Trade Show Booth Kits by VersaTruss Plus

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