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Why are Versa Truss Plus trade show booth kits so popular


When you are looking for a trade show booth that offers strength, detail, modular in design and great prices, VersaTruss Plus is your solution.
Why are Versa Truss Plus trade show booth kits so popularVersaTruss Plus is a manufacturer, not a distributor of truss trade show booth kits. With a great deal of pride in their work, VersaTruss Plus has had the honor of working with a diversified customer base for over three decades. From the smallest of kiosks to the largest custom booths, our modular truss systems can be seen worldwide.
Our truss trade show booth kits can be ordered and shipped within 24 hours of receiving the order. We have had the pleasure of working with many customers. Our vast and diversified partnerships include many popular and international organizations for example, Britten Media services, NHL, Fed-Ex Cup, NASCAR, Digital Audio Experts, DAD Audio, The Bikini Police and a host of national sporting events including golf, tennis, auto racing and marathons not to forget thousands of small trade show booth kits and kiosks worldwide.


Why are VersaTruss Plus truss trade show booths so popular?

VersaTruss Plus as mentioned above is a manufacturer not a distributor of truss trade show booths and kits. When you order through the VersaTruss Plus online store, you are ordering directly from the factory. There are many advantages to this concept. For starters, if you order one of our pre-defined kits online, it will ship within 24 hours, you are getting our industry leading quality at factory direct prices avoiding costly dealer markups and middleman handling costs.
In addition our business is trade show truss, if you do happen to have a question, need to expand your booth or simply want some advice; our highly trained, friendly expert customer service representatives will be able to help you immediately. You won’t have to wait, we have real people answering our phones, no machines, no calls on hold. VersaTruss Plus has grown its business on quality and award winning customer service.
Remember if you are looking for a cost effect solution for your business truss display needs visit VersaTruss Plus online for factory direct prices or give us a call.

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About R Joy: R Joy has been in the Exhibit and Display Truss business for over three decades. He has been instrumental in some of the most intricate and expansive aluminum truss display structures and booths. His focus has been on creating a quality truss product that is not only economical but provides superior cosmetic appearance and longevity. Over his extensive career, he has created not only one of the most widely used aluminum truss exhibit modular systems but has taken pride in providing exhibit and display truss to the smallest organizations to some of the largest corporations worldwide.