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Modular Truss Displays, Music and Bikinis

Modular Truss Displays, Music and Bikinis – In January of this year, Versatruss Plus received an order for 30 10×10 modular truss displays in our online store. We contacted Modular Truss Displays, Music and Bikinisthe requisitioner at The Bikini Police to confirm the order and sure enough the order was confirmed for quantity 30 10×10 modular truss display kits.

After some fun conversation we found out that these Modular Truss Displays were destined for locations around the globe where the Bikini Police were holding March break celebrations. The 30 modular booth kits were for their disc jockey booths allowing them to mount monitors, LED lighting speakers and graphics.

It turns out in Nov.2012 we had shipped them one of our 10×10 Modular Truss Displays which had been intended to be a prototype.

After setting up the initial booth they decided that it would be easier, more efficient and professional to use the same booth for all of their party locations.

We wanted to take this opportunity to thank The Bikini Police for their support and kind words. We wanted to share some of the comments that we received

  • We had more fun in Fort Lauderdale the night before the party setting up the disc jockey booth and playing the music than the party itself. The truss was set up in minutes and the tunes were cranked as we continued to set up lighting and graphics for the party. Great job Versatruss 5 stars from Florida.
  •  We had a blast in Texas and could not have done it without the team at Versatruss. Thanks for a job well done. Sandy and Diane xoxo
  •  For our party in Cancun, we had set everything up in the morning and were ready to go. Somewhere around 11:30 am, a storm rolled in with torrential rainfall and heavy winds that lasted for about 15 minutes. Everything was torn down except for the disc jockey booth. We turned up the music, asked for some help to set everything back up again for the evening party and all was good. Great job and thanks from Sunny Cancun.

If you are looking for Modular Truss Displays, visit the online store at Versatruss

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