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Display Truss Entrance Way
Perimeter display truss with mounted lights
Banner Stand Truss Display
Fedex NASCAR World Cup Truss Entrance Way
Monitor Dsiply Truss Structure
Truss Trade Show Booth
Mastercraft Nx20 Boat On Display
Display Truss Manufacturer

Truss Trade Show Booths, Exhibits & Displays

VersaTruss Plus is the leading purveyor of custom aluminum truss displays and kits for trade show booths, presentations, exhibits and more! Shop online for tradeshow booth kits and modular trade show booths, or contact us for custom orders. Our sturdy, attractive truss exhibits include entrances, truss exits, kiosks, and custom tradeshow booths for a myriad of industries. With a full range of capabilities, our lightweight structural modular truss system creates the perfect custom or prefabricated truss displays.

We manufacture and ship intricate trade show exhibits and truss kits for your convenience. Our custom truss displays can feature the tightest angles and precision curves, so we assure you we can incorporate your dreams into one custom truss displays.

Popular Trade Show Booth Kits:  Note: We carry over 40 standard truss trade show booth  kits

VersaTruss Plus specializes in:

      • Aluminum truss systems

      • Trade show booths

      • Custom display truss

      • Custom truss trade show booths

      • Exhibit truss

      • Kiosks

      • Lighting truss

      • Modular display booths

      • Trade show booth kits

      • Perimeter Truss

      • Entrance Ways

      • Finish Lines

To learn more about our truss displays, or for help with ordering, Contact us today!

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